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UFC Fight for the Troops 2 results: Matt Mitrione knocks out Tim Hague


Matt Mitrione continued his progression as a mixed martial artist tonight with a highly impressive knockout win against Tim Hague at UFC Fight Night 23: "Fight for the Troops 2" from Fort Hood, Texas.

The former football player came into the fight on the strength of three wins in a row. His fanbase growing, "Meathead" put on yet another good show for the fans and the "Troops" with a win that he made look like a walk in the park.

Mitrione came out light on his feet, bouncing around the cage with his usual smirk, which Hague promised beforehand to "knock off his face."

He didn't even come remotely close. At all.

"Meathead" opened with inside leg kicks and it felt like just a matter of time before he turned on the heat.

A short left hand is all it took for Mitrione to drop Hague. "The Thrashing Machine," who was anything but that tonight, managed to survive the first knockdown.

He wasn't so fortunate the second time.

After getting dropped again, Hague simply covered up and waited for the referee to save him from the onslaught. He looked better physically, having dropped 30 pounds, but it didn't translate well with his fight game.

Mitrione is now a perfect (4-0) in the UFC, and as Joe Rogan is so fond of saying, he's grown by leaps and bounds since his days on The Ultimate Fighter.

How far, though, can he really go?

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