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Joey Beltran wants to get 'dirty' and 'grind it out' in his 'Fight for the Troops' against Pat Barry


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"He needs that space to fire off his technique. He hasn't really had that many dirty, ugly brawls that tend to happen in the UFC sometimes. It's all up to me to make it the kind of fight I want to fight, and I've proven time and time again that's a dirty brawl you're going to see in a parking lot somewhere. It's up to me to make the fight how I want it to be. I'm sure Pat's improving on the ground. I'm not gambling that if I get it to the ground, the fight's going to be over. I'm prepared to go all three rounds and grind it out and get a win."

Good news for all the great men and women down in Fort Hood, Texas. Hard-hitting heavyweight Joey Beltran is ready to make his fight against Pat Barry a "dirty brawl." He's also ready to "grind it out" for 15 minutes, if that's what he has to do. Of the 11 fights on the card, this is the one with the most promise as far as fireworks go and if we're taking "The Mexicutioner's" word for it, it's going to be an ugly but fun time for the Troops. There are some that believe Beltran doesn't stand much of a chance in this fight. Do you agree? With a match-up like this, do you even care?

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