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All about the Benjamins: Nick Diaz will fight Jason Miller if the money is right


So he says at a Strikeforce conference call today:

"I'd like to get paid something extra. Double, triple, something crazy for me to do something extra that would screw up my weight to fight at that weight. I'm not just doing it for free when I'd make the same money to fight at 170-pounds. It's twice as much work. I never didn't want to sign for that fight with Miller. They were talking about making me move weights. I said tell his ass to get in f*cking shape and make weight like I do. It's f*cking hard enough for me to make 170-pounds. He acts like he wouldn't be able to do it, he doesn't want to work hard like me, that's the problem. He can work his ass off and make 170-pounds or 175-pounds or somebody can pay me a f*cking couple million dollars and I'll move up to 185-pounds and fight him. Or he can quit getting f*cking slapped in public, I know somebody's got that sh*t on video tape. That motherf*cker doesn't want to fight me."

Whew. With the grapevine in full effect, Nick Diaz wants to clear something up regarding his ongoing feud with Jason Miller. Like the fact that it's not necessarily about his inability to move up to 185-pounds so much as he wants the extra scratch to go with it. But is Strikeforce willing to pony up the dough? These two have been squabbling at each other ever since the infamous brawl in Nashville way back in April of 2010. Are they ever going to settle their differences in the cage? Or are we destined to only hear of backstage skirmishes and trash talk through the media?

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