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Cesar Gracie: 'Greg Jackson is not one of the great coaches of the world'


Props: The MMA Hour


"He's more of a coordinator where he puts things in perspective. And he's great at what he does. Training's at this time, let's go run the mountain or something. Let's go train with this guy. He's more of a motivational speaker possibly, but as a true sense of the word 'coach,' he's not on the same page as great coaches of the world. He's not. I've got nothing against Greg Jackson in particular. There's a lot of guys like that. I'm sure he's a great guy and everything. But the guys from [American Top Team] in Florida, it's like, you don't have Dan Lambert doing that. He doesn't get in the limelight and he's great, he does everything. He sets it all up, and he's done an incredible job. You never see him pretending he did something he didn't do. The great coaches are in the background."

The man behind the training of Jake Shields, Nick and Nate Diaz, as well as Gilbert Melendez -- Cesar Gracie -- doesn't believe Greg Jackson fits in among the world's best coaches, despite the label affixed to him by MMA fans and pundits across the globe. Are coaches and managers at their best "behind the scenes," or is Jackson's notoriety simply a byproduct of his camp's success? Sour grapes from Gracie or is he simply saying what every other coach is thinking?

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