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UFC Quick Quote: If Anderson Silva wants a challenge, 205-pounds is where he'll find it


"I'd love to see [Anderson Silva] go to 205. I'll tell you what, you want your challenge? You'll get challenged at 205-pounds from number one all the way down to number twelve. I mean that division is so stacked with so much talent and I don't disagree with you, I would love to see him [make that move]. It would have been great to see him go to 205 three years ago. Him and 'Bones' Jones, him and anybody in that division. There's so many guys at 205 that would be fun."

Dana White's recent conversation with Joe Rogan (via MMA Digest) centers around the career of UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva, who has very few challenges remaining in the 185-pound division. One fighter who may look to end the "Spider" hype train is former champion Vitor Belfort, who meets his fellow Brazilian in the main event of UFC 126 on Feb. 25 in Las Vegas. If "The Phenom" should fall, does Silva need to move up in weight for the remainder of his career? Or must he first dispose of Yushin Okami and Michael Bisping before going down a class for a Georges St. Pierre superfight? Opinions, please.

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