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Fatlock: Roy Nelson settles case with Roy Jones Jr., considers legal career


Props: MMA Weekly


"All I can simply say is it has finally been settled, and we'll all just live a happy life because of the legal system in Las Vegas. There was nothing to worry about; it was like nine months old. Depending on how much money you have you can do lots of stuff with the legal system. Probably when I'm done with this I'll probably become a lawyer just so I can sue people."

Beefy barrister-in-training Roy Nelson unshackles himself from Roy Jones Jr.’s Square Ring Promotion, who tried to lay claim to the contract of the corpulent cage fighter just last month. "Big Country" will reportedly lock horns with fellow grappler Frank Mir at UFC 130 and could find himself on the short list of potential division contenders with a decisive win over the Memorial Day Weekend. And if he loses, well, there's always that legal career to fall back on.

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