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Hybrid instinct: Brendan Schaub will respect Mirko 'Cro Cop' -- by trying to take his head off


Props: Fighters Only


"I think guys get so caught up in respecting Mirko so much they don't approach him with a killer instinct. They don't look for the finish. If you look at his last few fights he fought some tough guys, Frank Mir and Pat Barry, but they go out there and show him too much respect. I respect the guy just as much as those guys do if not more. It was the same with Gonazaga. I respect these guys so much that I give them the best fight I can on the night. That's my way of showing respect to these guys - I go in there and try and take their heads off. I put the pressure on them. There's going to be no high-fiving. There's going to be no hugging. I can tell you that."

Is Mirko Filipovic a legend? In the eyes of many the answer to that question is yes. Does that mean he should be given more respect in the cage? That depends on your definition of respect. His opponent at UFC 128, Brendan Schaub, says he plans on showing his by going out there and trying to take the Croatian's head off. He also takes an oh so subtle jab at Pat Barry by making sure to point out that he won't be hugging or high-fiving his legendary opponent once they get in the Octagon. Anyone hoping "Cro Cop" shows him the meaning of his left kick?

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