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MMA Quick Quote: Jens Pulver wants to give it one more shot so he can 'retire the right way'


"I'm trying to put Lil' Evil to bed, if that makes sense, so I can retire the right way, and so I can be done the right way. I can't go out the way I've gone. Not from being a world champion to losing six fights in a row. I want to give it one more shot. ... I'm not doing it for the financial side of it. Does it help? Of course. Do I need the money? Absolutely. But it's more about proving to myself that I can get back. You only live once. Can I make up for the things that I've done wrong, for the people I've disappointed? Can I still get out there and fight? That's what I want to prove to myself."

-- The sad tale of once great UFC Lightweight Champion Jens Pulver will continue when he fights at XFO 38 on Jan. 22 against Mike Lindquist in Woodstock, Illinois. When looking at the current state of affairs for the longtime veteran, one can't help but wonder -- why continue? Why keep fighting after eight losses in his last nine fights and six in a row? Well, Pulver tells that he's not okay with ending his once proud career with that many consecutive losses. And although he might need the money that comes with getting in the cage once more, that's not necessarily what it's all about. It's about proving that he can do it one last time before finally putting "Lil' Evil" to rest. Reading these words from the legendary lightweight, are you okay with him giving it one more go?

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