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Melvin Guillard: Kenny Florian had his chance and choked, now give me the spotlight




"Being moved to the main event, I feel like I'm in my rightful place. I've won six of my last seven fights in the UFC, and I just feel that I deserve a title shot. It was supposed to be Kenny Florian that's up there, but this guy has had chance after chance. He's had numerous chances to be in the No. 1 contender's spot, and he choked. I just feel like there's so many 55er's in the weight class, give some of the other guys, give me and some of the other guys a chance to be in the spotlight. Everybody keeps seeing the same guys fight for titles, and at the end of the day we need to give the fans and you guys something different. There's so much more talent out there, why keep having the same guys fight for the title?"

If you feel like the same guys are fighting for the UFC lightweight championship and are tired of it, well Melvin Guillard feels your pain. In fact, he vehemently agrees with you and even goes so far as to say that Kenny Florian, who he clarifies in the interview he is a friend of, choked when given his chance(s) at the title. Guillard was moved up to the main event slot at UFC: "Fight for the Troops 2" against Evan Dunham when "Ken-Flo" was forced to pull out with a knee injury. That ailment may turn out to be the catalyst for a title run for "The Young Assassin" -- that is, if he can make it past "3-D." That would make four in a row and eight of his last nine overall. Is that good enough to put Guillard in the title picture? Is it really time to see a few new faces at the top of the 155-pound weight class?

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