MMA Quick Quote: Dana White blasts Josh Barnett


"All of us are gonna make mistakes, it's how you deal with those mistakes that matter. You take a guy like Josh Barnett. This guy has tested positive three times and denies every one of them, says he didn't take them. He comes out with an interview last week saying, 'I don't care about anyone else. i only care about myself. I have some fans out there and whatever, but I'm not fighting for you, I'm fighting for me.' This is a guy who single-handedly put a company out of business and couldn't care less. He has no remorse. 'I don't care that you bought tickets to the fight. I don't care that Fedor flew all the way in from Russia and trained and spent his own money to do this. I don't care that this company Affliction believed in me and was allowing me to make a living before i put them out of business.' Those are the kind of guys I have zero tolerance for. And that's why he's not in the UFC and never will be."

When asked by MMA Fighting's Ariel Helwani of Chael Sonnen's current unenviable situation in regards to PED use, UFC President Dana White suddenly turned the conversation into a rant about former UFC champion Josh Barnett, a guy who has infamously failed more than one drug test, but has never fully owned up to it. White says it's those kind of people, people who don't show remorse for their wrongdoings, that have no place in the UFC. Thoughts on Dana's remarks about Barnett?

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