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Filed under: coughs up UFC pirate IP's; adds new copyright protection system


Looks like some of the UFC pay-per-view pirates may be walking the plank sooner rather than later. recently complied with a subpoena issued on behalf of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) requesting the IP addresses of users illegally broadcasting pay-per-view events through the live streaming site, NewTeeVee confirms.

"Ustream was subpoenaed by UFC via Zuffa earlier this year to provide identifiable information on certain broadcasters, which Ustream fully complied with in a timely manner. Ustream continues to work cohesively with our premium content partners to prevent piracy, including UFC to legally stream officially-sanctioned UFC events.”

Not coincidentally, the Ustream gang has also added a new copyright protection system to help deter future content crooks from trying to cheat the world's largest fight promotion., also named in the Zuffa copyright subpoena, has yet to respond.

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