Ben Saunders released from the UFC following Aug. 7 loss to Dennis Hallman


"Killa B" announces the unfortunate news via his official Facebook page:

"Sorry everyone I tried to fight my best these past two fights but ended up getting outworked. The UFC has officially cut me. The good news is they told me to work on my wrestling and ground game and then come back. So that is all I am going to be doing, improving dramatically and show them I belong. Much respect to Swick, Fitch, and Hallman as they were the better men on those nights and have my full respect. To fight such names is a true honor."

Saunders had heart, stepping up for the Fitch fight at UFC 111. There's still a number of fights I'd like to see him in like Anthony Johnson, Dan Hardy and Phil Baroni.

Anyone else sorry to see him go?

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