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UFC Quick Quote: Fights inside the Octagon are 'lame' and 'boring'


"I am especially really excited about my opponent and when you put our two styles in the ring you are really going to have a lot of fireworks. In my eyes, Jorge is the No. 1 contender so this a top fight for me.  By no means am I acting like I have this one in the bag. I am training as hard as I can. This is probably one of the most dangerous opponents I have had.... Jorge comes out and puts on great shows, but if you want to watch jiu-jitsu, go to a tournament. This is fighting.  If you want to see some lame fighting go watch the UFC, go watch something boring as hell. If you want to see something exciting, come Aug. 21 and see a guy who’s been boxing his whole life, and someone who has a black belt in jiu-jitsu. This is what people want to see.... I don’t have to say it very much but look at his track record: He has the fight of the night, and look at my track record (and I) always (have) fight of the night. Put us in the cage and you are going to get fireworks. I have respect for the main event but we are probably going to steal the show."

-- Former Elite XC lightweight champion and current 155-pound Strikeforce contender, KJ Noons, fired a shot across the bow of the world's top mixed martial arts promotion today during the "Houston" press conference call, saying that fights inside the Octagon are "lame" and "boring." He squirts more fuel on the fire, saying that his upcoming fight with Jorge Gurgel, which takes place at the Toyota Center in Houston, Texas, on Sat., Aug. 21, is pure excitement. Has the "King" lost his mind or is it just an attempt to draw more viewers to the Showtime telecast on fight night? Tune in and find out.