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Cain Velasquez: 'I'm used to competing against guys that are as big as Brock Lesnar'


Props: MMA Weekly


"I'm in shape now, so it pretty much doesn't matter to me either. (I'm) just staying ready, and that's pretty much it, just have to find out when we fight. [Training has] been good, just getting a lot of technical stuff down, really working technique with my coaches. Trying to improve in stuff that I think I need improvement on. I think it's been good. I think I match up well. He's definitely a bigger guy and also really powerful, but I think I've trained and wrestled guys that are his size, so I'm used to competing against guys that are that big. I'm just excited for this opportunity."

Undefeated UFC heavyweight number one contender Cain Velasquez is ready and waiting for the Zuffa brass to inform him of his date with destiny as he becomes the latest fighter to try and upend current division champion Brock Lesnar. Despite a significant weight advantage for the champ, the AKA standout doesn't sound too concerned about their difference in size. Will his past wrestling exploits lead him to victory? Or will he be victimized by an ever-improving Lesnar?

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