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Excuse these nuts: James Toney wants to make an example out of Dana White


Props: MMAWeekly


"Give him the message, tell Dana White to excuse these nuts. I'm going to make an example out of him and his fighters. After I knock out Couture, if he wants he can get in there too. Dana White say he want to make an example out of me, I make an example out of everybody else. Dana White, I don't care what he say, he can say whatever he want to say, but his ass too scared to get in the cage. That boy don't fight in a cage. I ain't got no problem with Dana outside of fighting; me and Dana are cool. Two peas in a pod, but other than that when it comes to this fighting thing, Dana better stay behind a desk and push a pen, and don't predict nothing cause he'll lose his company doing that."

Boxing blowhard James Toney thinks UFC President Dana White is the one who's going to be made an example of when the portly pugilist knocks out Randy Couture at UFC 118 in Boston. "Lights Out" has given the Zuffa prez a case of buyer's remorse and could prove once and for all what a prediction from Dana White means -- if and when he finishes "The Natural." Anyone think Toney can pull it off?

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