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What team is Lebron James going to?


It's anyone's guess right now.

What we do know now is that "King" is apparently a mixed martial arts fan, enjoying highlights from UFC 116 this past weekend.

And what impressed him most? Here's a hint: It wasn't Brock Lesnar's come-from-behind victory.

The incredulous Gerald Harris explains (mash via and

"My friend is a good friend of LeBron's. He said they were sitting on the couch watching ESPN and LeBron saw the clip, and he had to DVR it. He kept rewinding it. So LeBron saw me! That was one of my goals. I've got to check that off the list.... If we can get NBA guys watching, if we can get other successful African American athletes in other sports to follow us, then we'll take it to another level. That's what it's going to take. We need the mainstream guys from other sports to come follow us. That's when their people will say 'Hey, what's this new sport? If he likes it, I like it.'"

To see a .gif of Harris' devastating powerbomb slam on Dave Branch click here.

Now on to your predictions ... Cavaliers, Knicks, Heat?

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