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UFC 116: Brocky Balboa makes second round comeback -- with a little help from Josh Rosenthal


Props: KFAN in Minneapolis (via Sports Radio Interviews)


"I took a good ass-whupping in the first round and made a Rocky comeback in the second ... Before the fight [Josh Rosenthal] comes into the locker room and he says listen fellas if things get ugly out there I’m gonna give you three warnings before I stop the fight. I’m gonna be very verbal in this so you gotta show some movement and show you’re still in the fight. I knew in my mind there was a time I thought you know what? It’s raining punches here and I don’t know where to go. If I move I’m gonna create an opening but I have to move to stay in the fight. You gotta do what you gotta do you know?"

UFC Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar recalls the danger he was in prior to his stunning second round submission win over Shane Carwin in the UFC 116 main event. Lesnar somehow survived 60 punches to the head in the opening stanza, getting dropped and then completely overwhelmed with 5XL fists of fury for about four straight minutes. There were numerous times that Rosenthal could have stepped in, but didn't, giving Lesnar the benefit of the doubt and giving way to perhaps the most improbable come-from-behind finish in the history of the promotion. Anyone out there thinking that Lesnar, who is a pay-per-view cash cow, got special treatment? Or was it just a (rare) case of superb officiating?

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