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UFC Quick Quote: Dana White using 'freak show' to make an example out of James Toney


"We're going to make an example of James Toney. James Toney's been an accomplished fighter for many years, and he's training in mixed martial arts now. James Toney's a real fighter. Listen, James and I go back and forth, and he's mad at me right now, and he's going to be even more pissed off after what I just said. The reality is, I am not so delusional that I don't think anything can happen when two big guys get in there and start throwing punches. He's going to try to knock out Randy Couture that night. It's become this whole UFC vs. boxing thing. I said it before, and I'll say it again, always yapping about people who do ‘freak shows,’ I'm doing one."

UFC President Dana White talks to reporters (via MMAWeekly) about his UFC 118 match-up between Randy Couture and James Toney on August 28 in Boston. Will it be "Lights Out" for the portly pugilist? Or is Randy Couture going to be a victim of the sweet science? And does anyone want to take Dana to task for putting on a "freak show," or is it worth it for the opportunity to see Toney get silenced in "Beantown?"