UFC Quick Quote: James Toney plans to slap Jon Jones


"Jon 'Homo' Jones better do his research before he talks shit about me. He doesn’t know anything about me. He's about to learn though because when I see Jon Jones, I’ma slap his ass. I don’t play those games. He better learn how to fight before he talks shit about me. Jones is the 2010 Rampage Jackson; both straight up yes men. Tell him to go drink an Ecstasy drink because I heard that’s what he likes to do; just another bitch ass New Yorker."

-- Well, this just keeps getting uglier. Professional boxer and UFC newcomer James Toney calls out light heavyweight prospect Jon Jones in a recent interview with FightHype, resorting to juvenile name calling and hurling baseless allegations that likely won't make company president Dana White very happy. Toney is booked to battle Randy Couture at UFC 118 at the end of August, but he has called out just about everyone, including Brock Lesnar, who has been skeptical about his success inside the Octagon. Is Toney just doing his part to promote his fight or has he crossed the line?

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