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Please Hammer, don't hurt 'em: Former rap star transitions to CEO of MMA Management Company


Props: MMA Weekly


"I've been a fan of combat sports for years. MMA is the fastest growing sport in the world and this is a great opportunity for us to launch a full-service management company. Alchemist Management will leverage its relationships and resources for the benefit of fighters, the sponsors, and the industry at large."

Former rap icon MC Hammer is ready to turn this mother out now that he's formed the Los Angeles-based "Alchemist Management" company to represent mixed martial artists. So far they've managed to secure Nate Marquardt, Tim Kennedy, Vladimir Matyushenko, Jorge Rivera, James McSweeney, Antoni Hardonk, Jared Hamman, Steve Magdaleno, Luke Stewart, and Alex Soto, among others. Not a bad start. Yes, MC Hammer is representing professional fighters. That's why we pray.

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