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Miguel Torres: Jake Shields dropped to 170 because he's afraid of Anderson Silva


Props: MMA Live (via CageWriter)


"I think he's getting out of 185 because he's a little bit afraid of Anderson (Silva). Anderson's a tough guy to fight at that weight class and he's thinking (Georges) St. Pierre's an easier fight. I think it might be too much of a weight cut. Sometimes trying to cut that it's a little bit too much for you and I think Shields is going to find out right off the bat. He's a great wrestler but at that weight class, cutting that weight is going to be rough."

Former WEC Bantamweight Champion Miguel Torres has an unflattering assessment of Jake Shields return to the welterweight division after leaving behind his 185-pound title in Strikeforce to test his might inside the Octagon. Shields has competed in both divisions with great success but according to Torres, some of that wrestling prowess will be compromised in the weight cut. Will Martin Kampmann prove him right at UFC 121 in Anaheim? Or will Shields return to greatness regardless of weight class? And is Torres becoming a bantamweight version of Chael Sonnen with his recent trash talk?

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