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Serial killer suspected in 2008 botched Lloyd Irvin armed robbery home invasion


In a scene straight out of a Hollywood horror flick, Lloyd Irvin, a mixed martial arts trainer and coach based out of the Washington, D.C. area, successfully thwarted a home invasion back in 2008. 

Bloody Elbow first reported the incredibly surreal and equally terrifying news in which Irvin and his famed pupil, UFC star Brandon Vera, managed to fend off the armed burglars as they put their martial arts skills to the ultimate test in an effort to essentially save their families' lives, as well as their own.

Now, two years after the incident in which most people only experience in their nightmares, more disturbing news has surfaced. WUSA9 has learned that one of the two men whom held Irvin at gunpoint has been named as a suspected serial killer.

In the video below, Lloyd Irvin details the harrowing time in which he and his family faced danger in life's cruelest form:

There is really nothing else that can be said except for offering our sincerest condolences for those families that were not equipped with the ability to survive this situation and ultimately fell victim to an unspeakable crime.

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