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Clay Guida: 'I'm gonna be the first champion to win Fight of the Night and Fight of the Year'


Props: Pro MMA Radio


"I don't pay attention to how many fights I've won, I just pay attention to how many consecutive wins I have. The UFC knows how I bring it. They know that if they want to have the most exciting lightweight fight and especially lightweight title fight, I'm going to be in it. They haven't had a very exciting lightweight title fight in a while. I'm gonna be the first champion to win Fight of the Night, Fight of the Year, and walk away with that strap. I go to bed hungry at night and wake up hungry in the morning for that belt. That's all I think about."

Some pretty strong words for everyone's second favorite carpenter, Clay Guida. I'm thinking Jesus would probably get the nod if a Harris poll were to be conducted. Anyway, fans would have a hard time arguing the fact that Clay gives it his all every time out, usually making for a pretty entertaining scrap. But having gone just 1-2 in his last three fights doesn't bode well for his chances in earning the title shot he so desperately craves. Next up for Guida on his journey towards the top of the 155-pound division is a contest with the dangerous Rafael dos Anjos at UFC 117 in Oakland, California on August 7. Who thinks "The Carpenter" makes it two wins in a row against the Brazilian? Predictions, por favor.

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