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Vladimir Matyushenko: 'My job is to stop Jon Jones from getting to the top'

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"Young, athletic, fairly dangerous, long reach, and eager to get to the top. So my job is to stop it. Actually I like his style and the way he fights. My plan is to surprise him with my striking. I don't mind going on the ground or standing up. I just have to keep pressure (on him) and I can't stand in front of him like his other opponents did and just wait until he kicks you or punches you or elbows or knees. I have to constantly move and start the fight on my own terms. It's going to be a tough fight. but fighting's supposed to be tough. So why not?"

The world's most dangerous "Janitor," Vladimir Matyushenko, plans on mopping up the mess Jon Jones has made in the light heavyweight division when they clash at UFC on Versus 2 on Aug. 1 in San Diego. "Bones" has looked nearly invincible in his meteoric rise to the top of his weight class and a recent UFC poll found an anemic 8-percent of fans who think that Vladdy's got the chops to defeat the dynamic young up-and-comer. But in a sport where anything can happen, are fans "calling" for a Jones victory while secretly crossing their fingers behind their backs?