UFC 118 results, updates and LIVE fight coverage for 'Edgar vs Penn 2' on Aug. 28 in Boston


Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) will finally pull the trigger on its its long-awaited pay-per-view (PPV) debut from "Bean Town," which is scheduled to go down LIVE TONIGHT (Aug. 28, 2010) from the TD Garden in Boston, Massachusetts.

UFC 118: "Edgar vs. Penn 2" will feature a lightweight title fight rematch between division champion Frankie Edgar and recently dethroned 155-pound stalwart, BJ Penn, in the main event of the evening.

The highly anticipated fight between mixed martial arts legend, Randy Couture, and boxing champion James Toney, as well as a number one 155-pound contender bout in the form of Kenny Florian vs. Gray Maynard, are also slated to highlight another fantastic PPV offering from the world's largest fight promotion. will provide LIVE blow-by-blow, round-by-round coverage of UFC 118, beginning with the Spike TV broadcast at 9 p.m. ET. We'll then roll right into the PPV telecast at 10 p.m. ET. Up-to-the-minute quick results of all the other under card action will begin to flow around 8 p.m. ET.

Many of our readers check-in before, during and after the televised action to share their thoughts on all the exciting action. Therefore, feel free to leave a comment or 118 before you leave and chat with all the other Maniacs during the show -- it always turns out to be a great discussion.

Keep in mind that we will also be the spot for the latest news, recaps and post-fight analysis after "Edgar vs. Penn 2."

Without further delay, see below for the latest UFC 118 results. (Note: This will go from the bottom up; therefore, scroll toward the bottom for the latest detailed round-by-round action!


Frankie Edgar defeats BJ Penn via Unanimous Decision
Randy Couture defeats James Toney via Submission (Arm Triangle Choke) Round 1
Gray Maynard defeats Kenny Florian via Unanimous Decision
Demian Maia defeats Mario Miranda via Unanimous Decision
Nate Diaz defeats Marcus Davis via Submission (North/South Choke) Round 3
Joe Lauzon defeats Gabe Ruediger via Submission (Armbar) Round 1
Nik Lentz defeats Andre Winner via Unanimous Decision
Dan Miller defeats John Salter via Submission (Guillotine) Round 2
Greg Soto defeats Nick Osipczak via Unanimous Decision
Mike Pierce defeats Amilcar Alves via Submission (armbar) Round 3

Druby here for an interesting night of fights to say the least. Let me start by saying Im a New York boy so im obligated to mention that I hate Boston, Go Yankees! However, this is a great venue for the UFC and it should be a historic night. Sit back relax and enjoy Maniacs tonight should be a good one.

Frankie Edgar vs. BJ Penn (155-pound division limit)

Round one: Penn comes out fast and lands a combo. BJ clips Edgar with an uppercut, but Edgar gets a take down! BJ sweeps Edgar and almost gets an armbar but Edgar is out and back on top. Penn with great defense from his back. BJ back to his feet after a scramble. Nice left from Penn and counter left from Edgar. Nice left from both men. Knee to the body from Penn. Edgar gets a big slam and another take down!! BJ back to his feet and eats a knee on the way up. Jab from Penn. Nice left form Penn. Edgar moving great. Nice big left hook from Penn and body kick from Edgar. Thats the bell, Edgar won that round with take downs and movement. 10-9 Edgar.

Round two: Head kick from BJ. Leg kick from BJ. Nice uppercut left hook combo from Penn. Nice left from BJ and then a right. Body kick from Edgar. Left from Edgar after a misses take down attempt. BJ with a left. Left hook from Penn. Double jab from Penn. Left hook from Penn. Right from Penn and Edgar charges in and gets another take down!! Half guard for Penn. Penn with his back towards the cage. Penn back up and eats a punch on his way up. Left from Edgar. Jab from Edgar. Jab from Edgar again. High kick from Edgar is blocked. Leg kick from Edgar. Left hook from Penn. BJ is relying on his left hook big time. Body kick from Edgar. Nice right from Edgar and counter left from Penn. Thats the bell and this was a close round but again id lean towards Edgar. 10-9 Edgar.

Round three: Right from Edgar. His movement is amazing and frustrating Penn alot. Nice left from Penn. Left from Penn. Nice combo from Edgar. Jab from BJ. Knee from Penn and Edgar misses a head kick. Jab from Edgar. Leg kick from Edgar. Big right from Edgar over the top. Nice right again from Edgar. Jab from Penn. Body shot from Edgar. Nice left hook for Edgar. Right from Edgar. Nice combo from Penn. Edgar goes for a take down and pushes BJ against the cage and lands some big shots. They break, Edgar is controlling thsi fight right now. Right from Edgar. Nice right from Edgar. Jab from Edgar and thats the bell. Edgar again won this round and Penn looks frustrated and about to accept defeat. 10-9 Edgar.

Round four: Edgar charges forward with a combo and Penn ducks under and gets a take down!!! Now Penn is on top in full mount and he has Edgar tied up with his legs!! Edgar great job getting into full guard. Edgar back up to his feet now and Penn lands a good right on the way up. Edgar bleeding out of his nose now. Right from Edgar lands on the button. Edgar kicks the legs out from under Penn and he hits the mat hard!!! Edgar on top now and BJ with full guard! Edgar controlling position. Nice punches from Edgar and Edgar lands some HUGE shots from the top. Nice forearm to the face of Penn. BJ finally to his feet but he looks beat up. Big left hook from Edgar. Leg kick from Edgar. Nice left from both men. Jab from Edgar. Nice right left from Edgar and BJ clips Edgar with a left hook at the bell. Once again Edgar won that round and he is up 4 rounds to none. 10-9 Edgar.

Round five: BJ shoots for another take down and gets it! Edgar scrambles to get to his feet but BJ drags him down. Edgar now reverses position and is on top in full guard. Edgar controlling the action still. Big elbow from Edgar. Edgar controlling the action and if he rides out these last couple minutes he will have won every round in this fight. Nice right from Edgar. Nice short elbows from Edgar. Their back to the feet and Edgar lands a right. Edgar with a good combo and even though he is up big on the card he is still pouring it on. Edgar lands combos at will. Jab from Edgar. BJ shoots and Edgar clips him with a knee. That is the bell and Frankie Edgar has silenced his doubters and strongly. 10-9 Edgar and he took all 5 rounds in this fight. Amazing performance.

Final result: Frankie Edgar defeats BJ Penn via Unanimous Decision


Randy Couture vs. James Toney (265-pound division limit)

Round one: Toney standing tight in there with a low stance, Coture shoots and immediately gets the take down. Randy right into full mount and is smothering Toney. This could be a quick one. Coture posturing up and is peppering in some punches as he drags Toney into the cage. Coture on top and pounding away at Toney. Coture looking for an arm triangle position and is going for a choke out. Coture lets it go. Coture going for the choke again. Coture jumps over to the side and that is it James Toney taps out. Plain and simple domination Maniacs. Coture won that one with ease and proved that this was an extreme mis-match. This one wasnt even a fair matchup whatsoever.

Round two:
Round three:

Final result: Randy Coture defeats James Toney via Submission (Arm Triangle Choke) Round 1


Kenny Florian vs. Gray Maynard (155-pound division limit)

Round one: Nothing much going on to start at all. Florian is the one moving forward though. Head kick from Florian. Maynard misses a big right. Leg kick from Florian and another but they have nothing on them he is just keeping Maynard honest. Good right then left from Maynard. Nice knee from Maynard, and Florian connects with a right that stuns Maynard. Jabs from Florian. Good body shot from the bully. Maynard shoots and Florian defending against the cage. Mayanrd with a slam and is now on top. Florian with full guard. Maynard might be about to steal this round in the last minute. Good right from Maynard at the bell, close round but Maynard stole it late with the take down. 10-9 Maynard.

Round two: Nothing happening. Head kick from Florian. Good right from Maynard. Left hook from Maynard. Body kick from Kenny. Nice right left from Maynard. Maynard shoots again and gets the take down. Kenny trying to wall walk. Mayanrd into side control now. Florian is also bleeding from over his left eye now. Elbow from Maynard. Big punches from Maynard. Maynard doing some ground and pound now. Kenny is bleeding bad from his left eye. Maynard lands some good punches. Thats the bell and Maynard took that round convincingly. Kenny needs a finish. 10-9 Maynard.

Round three: Jab from Kenny. Head kick from Kenny blocked. Superman punch from Florian misses, you can tell he is desperate at this point. Good right from Maynard. Maynard with a shot and easy take down. Maynard with some punches from the top. Maynard with some good punches and Kenny Florian is just over-matched in this one. Kenny gets in a oma plata! Maynard is out though and lands some more punches. Kenny to his feet now. That is it, Grey Maynard will win this one easily. 10-9 Maynard

Final result: Gray Maynard defeats Kenny Florian via Unanimous Decision


Demian Maia vs. Mario Miranda (185-pound division limit)

Round one: Head kick from Miranda. Maia locks up the body and gets a take down. Maia now peppering in some good punches from behind. Maia trying to squeeze in some hooks. Maia gets both hooks and now has the back. Maia is going for a triangle now but Miranda slips out. Their now back to the feet. Inside leg kick from Maia. Right from Maia. Not much action in that round, Maia took it with his control. 10-9 Maia.

Round two: Leg kick from Miranda. Left from Maia and knee from Maia. Single leg for Maia but Miranda lands some good punches. Maia gets a brief take down, Miranda is back up and now Maia again on top in half guard after another take down. Maia with some good punches. Full mount for Maia but Miranda's back is against the cage. Maia just throwing punches in bunches and doing some damage. Maia with good control. Miranda just covering up. Maia is going for an arm bar now. Maia softening up Miranda with elbows and punches. Maia has a arm bar all set up but Miranda slips out at the last second. Thats the bell, another dominant round from Maia. 10-9 Maia.

Round three: Maia grabs a leg and gets Miranda to the ground now and Maia jumps onto the back. Maia just landing some hammer fists and working the back with his body triangle. Nothing much else going on, Maia is controlling this fight with ease. Maia thinking about going for an arm. Maia goes for an arm but Miranda slips out and reverses position. Miranda now backs off and their on the feet again. Maia misses a take down and Maia lays there it looks like he is gassed out. Miranda throwing lazy strikes he is also gassed. Right from Maia lands. Nice left then right from Maia. Maia drops down grabs a single and is back on top in half guard. Full mount for Maia. Maia going for the arm bar once again. Maia has the arm bar but Miranda slips out and now lands some good punches but its too little too late. Another round for Maia 10-9. Maia will win this one easily.

Final result: Demian Maia defeats Mario Miranda via Unanimous Decision


Marcus Davis vs. Nate Diaz (170-pound division limit)

Round one: Left from Davis and a double jab from Davis. Right left combo from Diaz. Davis rocks Diaz with a right and is throwing a bunch of shots now! Diaz is in trouble briefly but he is back to his feet and now seems to have regained his wits again. Davis is cut above his right eye already. Diaz with a good stiff right. Good combo from Diaz both men are throwing bombs. Big left from Davis then Diaz with a double jab and left of his own. Head kick from Diaz and Davis with a great left hook. Counter left from Davis. Nice combo then leg kick from Diaz. Nice right from Diaz. Short left from Davis, Diaz with a right. Diaz is connecting with some good shots now. Davis having trouble with the reach. Davis with a good right left combo. Good double left from Diaz. Thats the bell, great action and Davis is landing some good power shots. Diaz took the round though, 10-9 Diaz.

Round two: Davis has a brutal cut. Nice right left from Davis. Diaz with a good combo. Diaz with some good combos. Davis is having some trouble getting away from the distance. Diaz peppering in some combos and really just controlling the action with his reach. Leg kick from Davis. Another leg kick from Davis. Davis now working leg kicks. Jabs from Diaz. Davis's right eye is in really bad shape this could be stopped. Diaz with a combo. Leg kick from Davis. Davis with a take down but Diaz reverses and thats the bell. Diaz is controlling the action now, 10-9 Diaz.

Round three: Davis eye is in terrible shape. The ref asks Davis to please protect his eye, its that bad. Good right from Diaz. Leg kick from Davis. Double jab from Diaz. Good leg kick and left from Davis. Diaz pushes Davis against the cage. Good double right and combo from Nate. Good left from Nate and right from Davis. Diaz is just peppering in shots and he is controlling this action with ease now. Diaz is working on the eye and it is affecting Davis big time. Davis keeps touching his eye and it is getting worse which is saying something. Body kick then right from Nate, and now Diaz gets a take down. Nice elbow from Nate. Nate locks in a north south choke and Davis is falling asleep. Davis doesnt tap but he passes out and the ref stops the fight!! Nate Diaz with an impressive win, he looked amazing on his feet tonight then went to his bread and butter and finishes it with his ground game.

Final result: Nate Diaz defeats Marcus Davis via Submission (North/South Choke) Round 3



Joe Lauzon vs. Gabe Ruediger (155-pound division limit)

Round one: Right from Lauzon, and another big right from Lauzon. Lauzon with a strong spinning slam take down. Right into side control from Lauzon, and now he jumps right to the back of Ruediger. Big punches from Lauzon!! Lauzon is coming out like a bat out of hell! Lauzon is landing some HUGE punches and elbows. Lauzon is beating down Ruediger. Lauzon is now landing some HUGE lefts and Lauzon with another slam. Lauzon has in his hooks and is now landing some HUGE punches and now Lauzon jumps right to an arm bar and thats it Ruediger taps. Holy shit that was a serious beatdown. Lauzon demolished Ruediger with punches a crazy pace then finished it with a submission. Impressive showing from Lauzon.

Round two:
Round three:

Final result: Joe Lauzon defeats Gabe Ruediger via Submission (Armbar) Round 1


Nik Lentz vs. Andre Winner (155-pound division limit)

Round one: Winner standing tall, Lentz shoots but Winner with great take down defense. Lentz pushing Winner against the cage. Lentz with a knee then drops down for a leg and gets a brief take down. Winner scrambles and now Lentz gets the back and has Winner back on the mat. Winner back to his feet but Lentz is now trying to suck in a single leg for a take down. Winner gets his leg out and lands a good short knee then right hand on the break. Lentz right back to the shot. Lentz holding onto a single against the cage while Winner lands a short knee. Another short knee from Winner and now he has a Mui Thai clinch. Lentz still trying for a take down. Winner with good defense. Winner with a clinch and a sick short elbow to the face of Lentz. Lentz again right to a shot but he cannot finish it off. Lentz finally gets Winner to the mat. Winner wall walks and is up. Winner now lands a good left hook and Lentz again pushes him against the cage. Thats the bell, very close round. Id lean towards Winner. 10-9 Winner.

Round two: Lentz moving forward. Winner with some sharp jabs. Lentz lands a good jab. Lentz again right to a single leg and its the same story as the last round. Winner with a good knee to the body. Very boring right now not much action at all it is just Lentz holding onto a single against the cage and Winner defending. Short knee from Winner and then a right hook on the break. But Lentz again now closes the distance and is holding onto a single. Odd position as Winner tries to get out, Winner goes for an arm but ends up on his back. Their both back to Lentz holding onto a single leg and Winner just pushing away. This is a terrible fight. Lentz lifts Winner over his head and gets a slam. Thats the bell. Terrible round extremely boring, but Lentz won that one. 10-9 Lentz.

Round three: Head kick then front kick and a combo from Winner. Lentz eats some shots then just charges in and is holding onto the legs again against the cage. Lentz gets him down, but Winner is back to his feet. Lentz has the back now. This is a painfully boring fight to watch. Lentz again with a take down. Lentz has the back now. Lentz has both hooks now and is throwing some punches. Lentz throwing some marshmallow punches. God this is a terrible fight to have to watch. Thats the bell, Lentz will win. Boring, boring fight. This is 15 minutes of my life I wish I could get back. 10-9 Lentz.

Final result: Nik Lentz defeats Andre Winner via Unanimous Decision


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