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Dan Hardy: 'Carlos Condit is foolish for calling me out'




"I'm not surprised that he [Condit] agreed to fight me; I'm surprised that he asked to fight me. I think that was very foolish of him. He had a tough debut in the UFC against Martin Kampmann. Kampmann is a tough guy and that was a close decision. I was impressed with both guys in that fight. Then he's had two performances against Jake Ellenberger, who is a strong wrestler, and then Rory MacDonald. He's not looked particularly dangerous in either of those fights. I just think it's a foolish thing for him to call me out. He's obviously determined to get to a title shot and he thinks that I'm the right person to go through to get there, so it's going to be an interesting one for him... I think he's a gamer; I think he's tough. I enjoyed watching his fights in the WEC. Obviously, I've been keeping an eye on him since he came to the UFC. Just watching his fights, paying attention, making sure I'm aware of who's in the division. He's had a couple of tough fights but you know, he's shown a lot of heart. I think he's a good opponent. He comes to finish and that's what I want. He's not gonna be the kind of guy that's gonna try and grind out a decision; he wants to either get a submission or a stoppage. He's a perfect opponent for me because we can have a tear-up and entertain the fans."

Apparently Carlos Condit called out Dan Hardy in an attempt to get the British striker to fight him, and aside from working, apparently it was a big mistake, at least according to "The Outlaw." The two top welterweights are set to square off at UFC 120 on Hardy's home turf in London, England on October 16. While the winner of this fight is still of course yet to be determined, we are guaranteed to see an all-out stand up war which is likely to leave one, if not both, of the combatants badly bruised. Let's get some early predictions on how this top-flight 170-pound contest is gonna shake out.

Full video interview:

Check it out.

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