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UFC on Versus 2: Anderson Silva helping Mark Munoz prepare for Yushin Okami


Props: Pro MMA Radio


"I'm really good friends with Anderson Silva and one of his main training partners as well. It's like a brotherhood. We both help each other out with our fights and especially for our upcoming fights against Chael [Sonnen] and [Yushin] Okami. Anderson actually told me that after sparring with me, and after fighting Okami, Yushin has nothing for me. He knows what Okami has, so we've been working really hard to understand how he moves and how to counter back. He's got a lot of great stuff that he's showing me."

Mark Munoz talks about his preparation for his UFC on Versus 2 co-main event fight against Yushin Okami on August 1 in San Diego. In particular, Munoz details what it's like working with his "brother," who also just so happens to be one of the two best fighters in the world, Anderson Silva. Does anybody think that Silva's past experience against "Thunder," albeit in the form of a controversial loss, will be beneficial to Mark come fight night? How do we see this contest playing out?

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