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UFC 116's George Sotiropoulos: 'I see things in Kurt Pellegrino's game I can exploit, he's beatable'


Props: Pro MMA Radio


"Kurt comes from the mold of wrestling. He always reverts back to it. And he has a black belt in jiu-jitsu to go with it. He's knows how to get into advantageous positions and apply submissions quite effectively. He can also box. He's an active fighter, he's aggressive. He likes to come forward. And when he goes for the takedown, he pretty much always gets it. I see this being a tough fight. He's gonna look to grind and make me work. I see the fight being fought in all areas. I'm prepared to fight wherever it may go. I've looked at all his fights and I see things that I can exploit. He's beatable. But I respect him. He's very confident right now. Being on a four-fight win streak, he's in a good place mentally. I think he and Joe Stevenson are almost identical. I would say Joe is more powerful but Kurt has more speed and agility. I think Joe might have the edge in boxing too. But in terms of grappling, I think they're identical. I'm not really focused on a title shot right now. I'm patient. Just as long as I keep winning, that's my goal." 

One of the most intriguing bouts on the stacked UFC 116 fight card is the lightweight match up between George Sotiropoulos and Kurt Pellegrino. The winner will likely find them self just a couple fights away from a title shot. George has detailed how he sees the fight playing out. So, what say you? Who has the advantage coming into this contest and which fighter will move one step closer to reaching the top of the 155-pound division? Predict away, Maniacs.

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