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UFC 117: Junior dos Santos has a 'surprise' for Roy Nelson

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"I’ve been studying Roy Nelson and he’s a very dangerous guy, he likes to trade punches, and tries hard not to get stuck on the ground game. But he’s a dangerous guy, is coming from great wins, so we have to be careful, because he might not have the ideal physique, but he’s indeed a dangerous opponent. We kept our usual training plan and I always try to see my forthcoming fight as the most important one. To reach the top, you have to win your fights and take that seriously, so that’s why I’m training hard, so I can surprise him ... Nowadays I have one big difference, which is a larger experience. And I can tell you I’m feeling a lot more confident on my fights and developing my game. When you get confident, you can develop what you know better. I feel it that way and I believe it’s a growing moment in my career, and if it’s God’s wish, I’ll keep growing just the same as I’m doing now: with great knockouts, great fights and great wins."

Heavyweight (and heavy-handed) Brazilian wrecking ball Junior dos Santos is one fight away from competing for the division title as he charges into UFC 117: "Silva vs. Sonnen" on Aug. 7 in Oakland. Hoping to play spoiler will be Roy Nelson, who has title aspirations of his own after capturing the TUF 10 crown and then knocking out Stefan Struve. Can "Big Country" complete his unlikely ascension to the top of the heavyweight ladder? Or will "Cigano" send him tumbling back down the mountain with his sixth straight finish?