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UFC Quick Quote: Anthony 'Rumble' Johnson could return as a middleweight by November 2010


"Anthony Johnson at one point weighed the same as Ricco Rodriguez, which is kind of scary. He weighed the same as Ricco Rodriguez, except he had abs. He had a knee injury. He had surgery, took some time off to let it heal, it was giving him some problems, but now he's in rehab and doing rehab for his knee. We had a UFC offer in September that we weren't able to pursue. We're entertaining the possibility of taking a fight at 185, which is something we might have done anyway even if he didn't have the knee injury because that cut is just so tough for him. We were offered a fight at 185, a fight that we liked and before he accepted it, he said even if I do take a fight at 185, September might be pushing it. I want to get some time in the gym first. We're looking at late October, early November for him, and we're not sure if the first fight back is going to be at 70 and we're going to kill ourselves, or at 85 and just kind of kill ourselves."

Ken Pavia, agent for UFC welterweight Anthony Johnson, tells MMA Weekly that "Rumble" is working his way back from knee surgery and could return to the Octagon by November 2010. But at what weight class? It sounds like Johnson, who's had problems making the cut to welterweight due to his massive frame, is considering a move up to a more natural weight of 185-pounds. Could this devastating striker make a run in the UFC's crowded middleweight division? If so, who gets to play welcoming committee? Fantasy matchmakers, let's hear from you.

And check out a husky "Rumble" from his June 2010 appearance on "Inside MMA" after the jump.


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