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UFC Live's James Irvin: 'I've sacrificed everything, I'm going to beat Igor Pokrajac in all aspects of this fight'


Props: Pro MMA Radio


"There was a time for a few weeks [after the loss to Alessio Sakara] that I thought I was going to get my walking papers, I wasn't sure about my future. I'm not on Twitter, but a few of my friends are and they follow Dana White. They told me that he was saying some good things about me like I was one of his favorite fighters and that I'm always exciting, but he also said that I definitely don't belong at 185 pounds, and he's the boss. If he told me he wanted me to fight at 155 pounds, that's what I would do. So I got in touch with him and told him that I was sorry for the way I looked at weigh-ins and how I performed, and that it wouldn't happen again. He was great about the whole thing and the next day he offered me this fight [with Igor Pokrajac]. Now here we are... I'm going to win this fight. I don't care what happens. I've sacrificed everything. I'm going to beat him in all aspects of this fight."

James Irvin, last seen auditioning for "The Machinist 2" on UFC Live back in March, details what it was like in the weeks following his loss to Alessio Sakara. "The Sandman" admits he was concerned for his job security, but thanks to UFC President Dana White, he was afforded another chance, just so long as it came at light heavyweight. Now that he is back at 205 pounds and fighting Igor Pokrajac on UFC Live, August 1 on Versus, who feels as though we're gonna see the vintage Irvin capable of producing some of the most impressive knockouts in the promotion's history? Let's get some predictions on how this fight will turn out.

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