Fabricio Werdum elbow surgery could delay Strikeforce return until 2011

Props: Super Lutas


"Everything has changed for better for me. That was very important. I’ve gotten over 30 phone calls a day in my gym after the win, more students have come, the seminar value went up. It’s like at any other profession, a singer, soccer player, as you develop and get the spotlight the value changes. After the seminars I will undergo a surgery on my elbow that I have put off for some time. We’re in July and I only want to come back 100-percent recovered. I think it’s hard to make it back this year due the physical therapy, conditioning and all else. Then I might just get back next year."

Strikeforce heavyweight grappler Fabricio Werdum may opt to have surgery on his elbow following his June 26 upset win over former PRIDE champion Fedor Emelianenko. "Vai Cavalo" has enjoyed a newfound popularity following his surprising submission over "The Last Emperor" in San Jose and has no objections to giving the Russian enigma an immediate rematch. But will Emelianenko wait until 2011? Or cash in his remaining Strikeforce fight to face division champion Alistair Overeem?

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