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UFC Quick Quote: Austin 3:16 says Randy Couture just kicked your ass


"I didn't see [Randy Couture's] acting chops but I did see his fight skills. When you get the chance to fight with one of the elite fighters of all time, it's just a fun day at the office. Coming from a pro wrestling background people would always ask me 'Well what would happen if you and Randy squared off?' I pretty much chalk it up to this: I was a pro wrestler and Randy is a pro fighter. I was glad we were on a movie set and not in the Octagon. He's a very classy guy, very professional, he didn't stiff me one single time. I think he was very leery, very understanding of the skills that he possesses, a true professional. It was a blast fighting with Randy but I knew that if he let one go I was probably gonna be looking up at the lights."

Former WWE superstar Steve Austin talks about mixing it up in Hollywood with UFC Hall-of-Famer Randy Couture on this week's episode of Pro MMA Radio. "Stone Cold" was cast opposite "The Natural" on the set of Sylvester Stallone's upcoming "Expendables" movie, in theaters on August 13. In spite of his reputation of being one tough S.O.B., "The Texas Rattlesnake" had no problem admitting that he's way out of his league when it comes to professional fighting, highlighting the difference between pro wrestlers and pro fighters. Are you listening, Dave Bautista?

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