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Anderson Silva: A 'disrespectful' Chael Sonnen thinks he knows something




"Chael, as a fighter, is a good politician. He thinks he knows something, but on the day of the fight, when we are all alone in there, he’ll have his chance. Once again, he’s saying crap. What he’s saying is disrespecting me, he’s disrespecting me and all opponents I’ve faced. Dan Henderson, in my opinion, is the best wrestler that there is out there on MMA ... I’ll keep doing my job the same way I’ve always done. I’ll do a good fight, as I always do, I’ll try to show my technical superiority."

Anderson Silva bites his tongue heading into his Aug. 7 middleweight title fight against mouthy number one contender Chael Sonnen. "The Spider" has been relatively quiet in the weeks leading up to the fight while Sonnen has gone on a verbal tirade leaving every fighter in his wake. Will the real Anderson Silva stand up in Oakland to silence the loose-lipped challenger?

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