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Scott Coker joins long list of people who 'called' Fedor's loss to Fabricio Werdum


Props: The Fight Show with Maura Ranallo (via Sports Radio Interviews)


"I’ve been saying it for the last couple of months that Werdum was going to beat Fedor. I went on record many times saying it was going to be an upset. I’ll tell you, he’s a much bigger guy. When you saw him at the weigh-ins he’s a much larger guy which Fedor has fought a lot of guys much bigger than him but I said this fight is going to go to the ground. I really felt that way. I didn’t think it was going to go on the ground the way it unfolded with Fedor hitting him and hurting him and going to the ground. I thought at some point they would get tripped up or up against the fence and it would go down to the ground. Fabricio Werdum is probably the best heavyweight jujitsu fighter in the world and now you’re playing into his game. I go ‘I just have this feeling that he’s gonna get it done’. I’ve been calling it all month and it happened."

"I called it!" "No, I called it!" Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker joins the ever-growing list of shot callers who knew the previously top ranked Russian juggernaut known as Fedor Emelianenko was going to come up lame against the jits of "Vai Cavalo." Is the San Jose fight boss just trying to downplay his devastation? Or was he objective enough to think the Brazilian was going to be the better man on June 26?

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