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Dana White: UFC haters and idiot websites think Alistair Overeem is 'the new guy'


Props: Luke Thomas of Bloody Elbow on "MMA Nation" (106.7 The Fan)


"Here we go. Alistair Overeem is gonna be the new guy? Alistsair Overeem got knocked out by Chuck Liddell at 205. You know what’s funny? Because we don’t have him signed he’ll be the new guy. The guy that Chuck knocked out at 205. All the UFC haters will be like, ‘oh yeah, this guy is the best.’ And all the idiot websites will rank him the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world."

UFC President Dana White has a little message for the idiots and UFC haters regarding Alistair Overeem, who according to the White is not "the new guy" because he has a knockout loss to Chuck Liddell in PRIDE nearly seven years ago. The Strikeforce Heavyweight Champion returned to the states to put a first round beatdown on Brett Rogers and renewed interest in his place among the top ten heavyweights, especially after the fall of Fedor Emelianenko. Is "Demolition Man" the "new guy?" Or just the new guy that Dana can't sign? What's your take, Maniacs?

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