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Martin Kampmann: It's risk vs reward against Paulo Thiago at UFC 115


Props: Las Vegas Sun


"I definitely think (Paulo) Thiago is higher ranked and more dangerous than Ben Saunders. The risk is up, but so is the reward. The guys you want to fight are the guys with all the hype behind them. I want to win fights and I want to come in and beat guys up. I want to keep getting tough guys, and I think Paulo Thiago is the first step. I want to beat him, of course, and I want to take that next step up. I don't like looking ahead, but guys like Jon Fitch and Thiago Alves are fighting. Dan Hardy is coming off a loss. There are a lot of different guys up there high in the welterweight division that could be good to fight, but first I have to focus on Thiago."

Martin Kampmann is all patched up and ready to take on Paulo Thiago this Saturday night (June 12) after watching his title aspirations evaporate at the hands of Paul "Semtex" Daley back at UFC 103 in September 2009. "The Hitman" emptied his clip into Jacob Volkmann at UFC 108 to right the ship on Jan. 2 but was forced to withdraw from his UFC 111 scrap against Ben Saunders after suffering a grisly eye laceration in training camp. No question he faces a very stiff test at UFC 115 as he tries to inch his way back into contention by arresting the rise of the Brazilian supercop in Vancouver. Does Kampmann have the chops to pull it off?

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