MMA Quick Quote: Dana White ready for global expansion starting with UFC China and UFC Middle East


"We'll fill in a city, we'll scratch it out, put in another city. We're always looking. We put a lot into deciding where we're going to go. We don't just throw a dart at the wall. We're going to start doing Ultimate Fighter China, and Ultimate Fighter Middle East, and all these different areas, and creating talent the way we've done here in these other markets, and then we're going to bring the UFC together. The guys who win end up coming in the UFC and becoming big stars here, there and everywhere else. We're trying to figure out how to plug the whole world in so everybody can watch and keep up with what's going on."

UFC President Dana White outlines his plans for world domination (via MMA Fighting) by bringing the most recognizable brand of mixed martial arts to the forefront of global sports. Zuffa is fast approaching sanctioning in all 50 states and has already planted seeds in Canada and Mexico. Will "The Ultimate Fighter" become the world's breeding ground for up-and-coming talent? Or will the promotion suffer by spreading itself too thin?

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