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Gary Shaw: 'The UFC made a huge mistake by cutting Kimbo Slice'


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"I think the UFC made a huge mistake. Once again Dana's ego has gotten in the way. I think Kimbo Slice could be a draw wherever he goes around the world. I think they matched him up wrong. I would have put him in against just stand-up fighters. I would have built to a pay-per-view with James Toney. My way of doing business is obviously different than Dana's and the UFC. I don't knock them -- they got a great product and make a ton of money so God bless them, but I sure wouldn't have promoted Kimbo Slice like they did and I hope Kimbo comes around and gets in a boxing ring with me."

Former Elite XC boss and the man who made Kimbo Slice a heavyweight attraction, Gary Shaw, doesn't agree with the UFC's decision to cut the backyard brawler after his UFC 113 loss to Matt Mitrione earlier this year. Kimbo was bounced out of The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 10 by tournament winner Roy Nelson and despite a decision win over the fleet-footed Houston Alexander, the UFC perhaps felt his age and inability to make significant progress made it clear that he was not suited for MMA's big leagues. Shaw points to a failure of match-making and not skill while holding out hope that Slice will return to his stable as a boxer. Can the duo make another run (or another paycheck) in the sweet science? Or has the ship already sailed on their respective careers?

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