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UFC 115: Rich Franklin doesn't know what to expect from Chuck Liddell on June 12


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"I like Chuck. He’s a good guy. I doubt he’s going to, just based on his Dancing With the Stars performance, just mesmerize me with some of his moves. The thing is, in this sport, it’s kinda crazy because you’re expected to take three or four fights a year in mixed martial arts, but when you look at the top level boxers, often times boxers have anywhere from six to twelve months between fights. It’s a normal thing for that to happen. For myself particularly, I’ve had nine months since my last fight and if I was a top-level professional boxer, it wouldn’t be so abnormal but in this sport people are like, whoa what do you think about ring rust. In Chuck’s case, he’s had 14 months off. I don’t know if that’s going to be a factor or anything like that but he looked to be in the best shape I’ve ever seen him in when I saw him recently. I heard he hired a new wrestling coach so as far as getting a gauge on this fight, I’m not really sure what his game plan will be coming in. I don’t know if were gonna see the same Chuck we normally see or if he’s gonna try to switch things up and look to take me down or what his game plan will be."

Former UFC Middleweight Champion Rich Franklin admits he doesn't know what he's in for when he throws hands with former Light Heavyweight Champion Chuck Liddell at UFC 115 in Vancouver. "Ace" wasn't impressed by "The Iceman's" robotic dancing on ABC, but was impressed by his physical preparations for their upcoming fight. Both strikers have a lot riding on the June 12 main event, but will Chuck look to surprise his foe with a more versatile attack? Or will these guys just stand and bang until somebody's chin gives way?

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