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UFC 116: Brock Lesnar 'coming home with the belt on Sunday morning'


Props: KFAN in Minneapolis (via Sports Radio Interviews)


"I've prepared. This fight I see it going either way. We can stand and if either one of us, I of course have superior wrestling skill. More superior than his. I wanna be able to control this fight and take it wherever I want to. I'm a better ground-and-pound guy. That's where I've shown a lot of success. There's no secrets about my game. I'm a pretty blue collar, straightforward, let's get after it kind of fighter. My prediction is I'm coming home with the belt on Sunday morning."

UFC Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar finds himself "better" than UFC 116 opponent Shane Carwin in every aspect of the fight game. The former WWE wrestler turned mixed martial arts powerhouse hasn't competed since his second round drubbing of Frank Mir at UFC 100 nearly one year ago -- thanks to a crippling case of diverticulitis. Now that a recovered Lesnar is fresh off his "medical miracle," he's cleaned up his diet and refined his training. Will it be enough to topple the undefeated "Engineer" on July 3?

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