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Chuck Liddell sues MMA Authentics


Sherdog brings the news that Chuck Liddell and his company, Iceman Productions LLC., have filed a lawsuit against MMA Authentics LLC., a MMA clothing and gear manufacturing company.

Liddell alleges that MMA Authentics, which has also operated under the brand Cage Fighter, is in breach of a 2007 contract where Chuck agreed to let the company make clothing and headwear bearing his name and/or likeness, but nothing more, in exchange for 15% of the profit.

Turns out they didn't exactly play by the rules.

Liddell claims that MMA Authentics began selling novelty items and other merchandise featuring his likeness which was not part of the agreement.

It also turns out that this isn't the first time MMA Authentics has been sued by a legend of the fight game. Back in 2008, Dan Henderson sued the company due to a dispute about a sponsorship agreement between the two parties.

"The Iceman" is seeking financial retribution, attorney's fees, as well an injuction that prohibit MMA Authtentics from selling Chuck Lideell themed merchandise in the future. 

MMA Authentics has yet to officially speak on the matter.

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