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UFC 115: Rich Franklin will no longer have to wonder if he can beat Chuck Liddell


Props: MMA Fighting


"I always thought about [fighting Liddell]. I wondered what it would be like to fight this person or that person, but I never thought the fight would materialize because I was a 185-pounder, he was a 205-pounder. Both weight classes at the time when we were champions had enough contenders in them that you didn't have to worry about who you were going to fight next to defend your title. Neither one of us needed to ... Chuck's already a UFC Hall of Famer and UFC legend. He's got a who's who of victories. Of course recently he's had a little bit of a rougher road, but it's Chuck Liddell."

The former middleweight champion returns from a self-imposed sabbatical to take on another former division kingpin when he throws hands with Chuck Liddell at UFC 115 on June 12 in Vancouver. Like Franklin, "The Iceman" may not be the fighter he once was, but that doesn't mean these two veterans can't put forth an exciting battle from the GM Place. Anyone expecting a gritty, three round war? Or a flash KO to open the first frame?

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