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Should the referee have stopped the Cyborg Santos-Jan Finney fight sooner?

The reigning 145-pound Strikeforce female champion thinks so:

"I was happy to defend my belt in San Jose because I won it here. I feel lucky to have put on a good fight and take it home with me. I was prepared to fight five rounds. I'm impressed with how well [Jan Finney] was able to handle the onslaught. I was just going to keep working until the finish, or until I got finished. I feel that the fight should have been stopped earlier."

Finney was devoured whole by a ruthless "Cyborg" last night, scoring four knockdowns in the first round alone. Finney, to her credit, was able to hang on and run out the clock in a defensive strategy that could be referred to as "not dying." Was Referee Kim Winslow's decision to let it continue into the second stanza a reckless one? (To read the entire event recap click here.)

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