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MMA Quick Quote: Cung Le liver kick 'all she wrote' for Scott Smith


"I knew he was going to come out [quickly]. I knew he was going to come hard, close the distance so I couldn't kick. But he forgot that I've got [fists]! I set up the [spinning back kick] with the hands. I had a great training camp, I learned to sit on my punches and set everything up. I hit him and I knew he was going to back up, thinking I was going to throw another combo. But I stuck that kick in. It was a great lead shot and got him right in the liver. That's all she wrote!"

-- A jubilant Cung Le talks about his finish of the super tough and gritty Scott Smith in the second round of their middleweight rematch at Strikeforce: "Fedor vs Werdum." Le set it up with a beautiful highlight-reel spinning back kick, which apparently was part of the gameplan heading into the showdown. It caught Smith right between his "Hands of Steel" and led to the finish, leaving no room for last minute heroics. Is their any interest in a rubber match? Or, should Strikeforce just enter both men into the 185-pound tournament that is tentatively planned for later this year and see what happens?

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