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MMA Quick Quote: Jan Finney 'confident,' not 'nervous,' heading into Cris Cyborg fight


"The four-fight winning streak I am on has given me a lot of momentum and confidence going into Saturday. Weight will not be a factor. I have fought at 140, even 150 before. This is very exciting for me because I literally have nothing to lose. There are no expectations for me. Everyone seems to be treating this matchup as if Cris is fighting someone they picked from the crowd or something like that. All that does is give me extra motivation. The key for me is to keep firing back, no matter what she is trying to do. I am in great shape. I am not nervous. I am excited for this opportunity. I hope to open some eyes come Saturday."

-- Fire back? Perhaps a trainer, or concerned family member, needs to provide Jan Finney with this video of her opponent, Cris Cyborg, smashing the pads during yesterday's open media workout for the Strikeforce: "Fedor vs. Werdum" event this weekend. Finney is correct on two accounts: She's on a four-fight win streak and has got nothing to lose against arguably the world's most feared female mixed martial artist alive today. However, all the confidence in the world might not help her, or any woman for that matter, in a slugfest with the devastating Brazilian striker. In fact, it could be dangerous. Real dangerous. But it brings up a good point: Is the key to defeating Cyborg beating her at her own stand up, rock 'em, sock 'em game, or is it implementing a "float like a butterfly, sting like a bee" strategy? Or, will it take a grinder who can close the distance and challenge her conditioning? My vote is for the latter ... what say you, Maniacs?

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