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Fedor Emelianenko: 'The UFC will have time to offer me a contract'


Props: AOL Fanhouse


"It has always been for me that some fighters would appear and people would want to see me in matches against these fighters. That will always happen. As for the UFC, when my contract with Strikeforce is over - I have two fights left on my contract - the UFC will have the time and the opportunity to prepare and offer a contract that may be interesting to me."

What? You're tired of all the Fedor to the UFC talk? Get outta here! That's impossible. Especially when "The Last Emperor" drops lines like this. It appears there is still a chance after all that Fedor will one day grace the Octagon with his presence. The UFC just has to present him with an "interesting" offer. That shouldn't be too hard, right ladies? (see above) Are we just wasting out time here holding out hope for a potential Fedor vs. Lesnar fight that would rock the MMA world? Or, is there something to the Russian heavyweight's recent quote?

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