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KJ Noons: 'Nick Diaz is a great fighter -- he's just an idiot'




"[A Nick Diaz rematch is] definitely in the mix. That's something I want to do, he wants to do it and Strikeforce wants to do it. It's just a matter of making it happen. The whole Nick Diaz thing, he's a great fighter. You look at everything since he first fought (and) I never took away that he's a good fighter. I just said he's an idiot. I don't like his personality. He's a good fighter. As a person, he's a dumb motherf----- ... I'm taking nothing away from him. As a person I just don't like him. Actually I feel sorry for the guy. Too bad he's not better on the outside. He'd actually be a better star and people would like him better. I'm not talking s---; that's just the plain truth."

Former Elite XC Lightweight Champion and current Strikeforce attraction KJ Noons talks about his inevitable rematch with Nick Diaz now that both fighters have set up shop in the San Jose-based organization. Diaz lost to Noons back in 2007 via TKO due to cuts and has since had surgery to correct that area of his face that was so easily opened. He's also gone 7-0 with seven finishes following their bout while Noons has competed just three times in MMA, including a close split decision win over Conor Huen on June 16. Noons vs. Diaz II -- Who ya' got?

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