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UFC 116's George Sotiropoulos: 'A fight with Kurt Pellegrino is a step in the right direction'




"He is an intense guy. He fights hard and I think he comes from a wrestling mold. He sticks to his roots and resorts to his strengths. He does have a jiu-jitsu black belt and likes to strike but I see him going back to his wrestling. He is very similar to my last opponent which was Joe Stevenson. Both guys are very talented but Stevenson is probably the more powerful of the two. Pellegrino is a little faster and more agile and I also think Stevenson's striking is a little more aggressive than Kurt's. I think those guys are on par. I think they are both successful. Pellegrino has won his last four fights and won them convincingly. I think Stevenson did beat Pellegrino but right now Kurt is at a good point in his career and I think Pellegrino is a step up in competition. They are both jiu-jitsu black belts and they are on par with one another. I think it's a step in the right direction."

In a battle of emerging lightweight stars at UFC 116 between George Sotiropoulos and Kurt Pellegrino, one man figures to propel himself into the top five of the division with a win. The Australian-bred Sotiropoulos looked great in completely dismantling Joe Stevenson back at UFC 110 while "Batman" has been on a four-fight tear. Though George sees similarities in Stevenson and Pellegrino, he admits this fight is definitely a step up in competition as well as a step in the right direction of one day achieving his ultimate goal. So, how do we see this fight shaking out? Let's get some predictions, Maniacs.

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