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UFC Quick Quote: Fedor and his 'lunatics' don't want to do business -- we gotta get over it


"[Co-promotion with them] will never happen in a million years. [Strikeforce is] a minor league. Listen I have come to the realization and everyone else needs to too that Fedor (Emelianenko) doesn’t want to fight the best guys in the world. Believe me when I tell you guys I have done everything in my power, I have flown to crazy parts of the world, done all this stuff, been on the phone for hours, not hung out with my kids on weekends because I’m on the phone with these lunatics and just can’t make the deal. They don’t want to do it so we gotta get over it."

Dana White reaffirms to 790 the Ticket in Miami (via what is becoming widely accepted among mixed martial arts fans: Russian Heavyweight Fedor Emelianenko will probably never fight under the Zuffa banner before calling it quits on his illustrious career. Of course the anti-"Emperors" will cite this as the biggest reason why he can't be considered as king of the heavyweights. But does the former PRIDE Heavyweight Champion need a UFC run to validate his legacy? The debate continues...

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